Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 16

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 16


  • Back at Special Circumstances, Tally tells Cable that Shay talked about David and the Smoke, the town where he lives in the wilderness.
  • Tally hands over Shay's coded instructions on how to find the Smoke, but Dr. Cable already has a copy of those instruction. Only, since it's in code, she can't figure it out.
  • Which is why Cable wants Tally to go find the Smoke on her own. Cable provides Tally with a set of equipment for camping—water purifier, solar-powered hoverboard, dehydrated food, sleeping bag, set of Doctor Who DVDs. The usual.
  • And Cable also gives her a tracking device in the form of a heart-shaped pendant on a necklace to activate when she gets to the Smoke.
  • Tally's still feeling a little hesitant, until Cable reminds her of the blackmail situation: "Either Tally infiltrated the Smoke and betrayed Shay, or she'd be an ugly for life" (64).
  • All right, then.