Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 19

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 19

The Worst Mistake

  • Waking up before night, Tally folds up her hoverboard and prepares to make the worst mistake with a broken bridge.
  • Apparently the worst mistake is to fall down through the gap. (Though we think that holding a parade over a broken bridge would be even worse.)
  • But luckily, the river under the bridge has enough metal material to keep her from crashing into it.
  • So she rides her hoverboard up the river for four days, since the fifth part of Shay's note tells her, "Four days later take the side you despise" (36).
  • SpagBol gets very boring after four days. And on the third day, Tally decides to take a bath in the river. Which is super cold.
  • And while Tally is bathing, she hears something big coming toward her.