Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 23

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 23


  • Shay and the other runaways find Tally waiting on the hill. Shay and Tally run and hug each other, which is the best way to start a betrayal.
  • Tally starts lying about when she left and how long it took her to get here.
  • And also, one of the other runaways finds a tracking device hidden by Dr. Cable in Tally's hoverboard—so there's lots of lying going on.
  • And this is where Tally meets David, who is an ugly, but has a nice smile (25).
  • David explains that the orchids are no match for the old-growth forest where they live. Take that, you stupid orchids. The rest of the land was all farm or other clear-cut area, so that's why the orchids took over.
  • The runaways take Tally through the forest, to the Smoke, which is… well, let's see what the next chapter says.