Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 27

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 27


  • Shay takes Tally to the store where she can trade her leftover SpagBols for things she needs. SpagBol is worth a lot here since they can't make dehydrated food in the Smoke.
  • See, in the city, people seem to get whatever toys they want, but here in the wilderness, you have to work and trade to get stuff.
  • Shay wants to talk to Tally about her secret, but Shay guesses (incorrectly) that Tally's secret is that she told someone else about the Smoke. And Shay says that's no big deal.
  • What, you told someone about our secret city, no worries, it's not like our enemies are going to come and kill us, right? Right?
  • In fact, Shay wasn't even supposed to tell Tally about the Smoke. Also, she doesn't believe in Special Circumstances. (Oh, sweet, na├»ve Shay.)
  • Shay also argues that everyone in the city is spoiled, and that the runaways should be free to live the life they want. We can't really argue with that.
  • Great. So, if Tally calls Dr. Cable, she's basically going to ruin everyone's life.