Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 29

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 29


  • Tally was getting a homey feeling from the Smoke, but now she feels a little exposed, as if everyone knows about her treachery, both ruining her friend's relationship and the Smoke in general.
  • She feels like the orchid—a destructive weed that ruins everything. (Even the hummingbirds like her also.)
  • But David wants to talk to her about how special he thinks she is, which is just the thing a guilty person wants to hear. See, she's the first runaway to come all by herself, which gives her 100 bravery points, because she left everything she knew behind.
  • David is also impressed that Tally did this all just out of friendship for Shay; and David trusts Tally because of how happy she was to see Shay when they met again. (Awww.)
  • All this nice talk makes Tally feel something for David that she never felt for an ugly before. He even begins to look a little pretty to her.
  • And Tally is so serious about the Smoke—unlike Shay—that David wants her to meet his parents and learn… turn the page to find out.