Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 33

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 33


  • Part three is called "Into the Fire," so you know it's going to be bad. And involve fire.
  • Since Special Circumstances is invading (see this chapter's title), Tally doesn't have time to put on her shoes. (Also, she kind of sleeps in because of her late night.)
  • Special Circumstances is using special hovercars that include helicopter technology, so they can go anywhere and ruin anything.
  • Tally sees lots of the special, cruel pretties rounding up the Smokies. These cruel Specials are like superhumans—fast, strong, very good reflexes.
  • Okay, maybe more like sparkly vampires.
  • Tally sees a way to escape to the forest and finds the Boss has the same plan, except he has a bag full of magazines (to save) and a bag full of pepper powder (to attack one of their enemies with).
  • Since Tally doesn't have shoes (therefore can't run in the forest), she gets to be the bait to distract the cruel Special.
  • The Special knocks Tally down easily and puts some plastic handcuffs on her. Tally hits her with the pepper (and gets some herself) and almost gets away to the forest.
  • But Tally gets caught when she coughs because of the pepper powder.
  • There's probably a lesson here about how weapons get used against us or about how we should be careful with peppers.