Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 34

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 34

The Rabbit Pen

  • Tally gets thrown into the rabbit pen with the other captured Smokies. Her arms are still cuffed behind her back with those plastic cuffs.
  • Croy is there and they chat about the weather and who all got away. No one has seen David yet.
  • Croy was a little suspicious when Tally didn't show up at breakfast, but now that he sees that she resisted, and isn't wearing shoes, he totally trusts her…
  • Which becomes an issue when Shay gets thrown into the pen also. Because Shay accuses Tally of stealing her boyfriend and calling in the Special Circumstances to destroy the Smoke. (It's unclear which is worse in Shay's mind.)
  • Croy defends Tally, which really ticks off Shay.
  • At the same time, the Specials are scanning people's eyes to bring them to their home city (since the runaways in the Smoke are from different cities). When they find Tally, they take her out to see Dr. Cable, and cut her hand-cuffs—which doesn't exactly make her look like a friend to the Smokies.