Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 36

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 36


  • So now Tally is running from the Specials (well, hoverboarding away). And they are following in their (faster) hovercars. This is pretty much the plot of Back to the Future II, but without the Delorean.
  • She flies over the rabbit pen where the other Smokies are being held captive still.
  • And then she escapes the Specials by losing them in the forest, sending her hoverboard out (so it looks like she fell off), and hiding in the tunnel that David showed her so that they can't find her heat.
  • Hoo-boy, can't wait for the movie version!
  • And in the tunnel, Tally finds… someone. Turn the page to find out. Or enjoy the anticipation of not knowing.