Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 38

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 38


  • The next morning, after the Specials leave, Tally and David leave the cave to check out the damage. Luckily, David still has a hoverboard, so they ride down to the Smoke.
  • Or at least the smoking ruins of the Smoke. The Specials burned down everything, including the library and all the books/magazines in it. (Remember, this is a tragedy, not a comedy.)
  • As David explains, Dr. Cable burned the library because she doesn't want people to have the chance to see what life was like before.
  • But there's also a pile of shoes that the Smokies left for Tally. Apparently Croy saw her escape, so all the Smokies left their shoes so she could find a pair that fits her (since he saw her shoeless in the rabbit pen).
  • Then David and Tally find the Boss (murdered, major bummer) and his hidden cache of magazines.
  • And then Tally and David go off to David's parents' house. Keep your fingers crossed that no one else is murdered.