Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 44

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 44


  • David uses some nano-glue to glue the hovercar garage door. ("Nano"? It's not an iPod type here—it means this glue works on the atomic or molecular level, which means that it's very strong. Neat.)
  • And then Tally uses a powerjack (a tool she used in the Smoke to pull up metal) to open up the elevator door into Special Circumstances.
  • They go down into the basement to find the imprisoned Smokies.
  • That's where they run into Dr. Cable, whom they take prisoner. (In time-honored fashion, they hit her on the head once, which knocks her out. In real life, knocking people on the head hard enough to make them black out often causes serious damage.)
  • And they also find Dr. Cable talking to Shay—a very pretty Shay.