Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 46

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 46


  • Maddy cuts out tracking devices from their prison uniforms. They escape on the hoverboards that Tally and David brought, dropping the tracking devices elsewhere so the Specials can't find them.
  • The group is going to rendezvous later at a cave, but they go separate ways so the Specials can't follow them all.
  • Tally and Shay ride on the same hoverboard, so they get a chance to talk about how Shay doesn't hate Tally anymore. All those negative feelings were just ugly stuff, Shay says.
  • Tally points out that Shay has brain damage—but Shay says it's just because she's growing up. Ahem. Brain damage = growing up? Could be.
  • Shay forgives Tally, but that doesn't make Tally feel better. (Also the whole "being hunted by the secret police thing" doesn't help any.)