Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 5

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 5

Facing the Future

  • Tally shows off to Shay some of the options she's come up with for what to make her face look like.
  • One option looks like a cat (or something from Avatar) and another, according to Tally, looks like Cleopatra.
  • But Shay points out that the real Cleopatra may not have been so pretty.
  • The weird thing is that Shay, besides adding that little but of trivia, also has no face options to show. She'd rather go hoverboarding.
  • Tally wants to make a pretty-version of Shay's face. Step One: deciding which side is her good side. (The other side is pure evil.) For instance, Tally thinks her left side is much better.
  • But Shay doesn't like playing this game: "Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun" (61).
  • Tally argues that things are better now: now that everyone is pretty, everyone is equal.
  • But Shay argues that this whole prettiness thing is just a committee's idea of being pretty.
  • Instead of going on with this argument (where would it end up?), they go hoverboarding.