Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 7

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 7


  • That night, Tally escapes from her dorm and rides with Shay outside of the city.
  • (Escaping from the dorm is pretty easy, almost like the city planned to have uglies play their tricks. Hmmm.)
  • The hoverboards only fly over magnetic material, like metal or the metal deposits in the river. So Tally and Shay can ride up part of the river.
  • By the city, the river is smooth and calm; but upstream, the river turns wild, with white water and rapids. It's almost like the setting (calm by the city, wild outside the city) is trying to tell us something.
  • Being out in the woods at night is much better than breaking into New Pretty Town—you don't have all those drunk people to deal with, for one thing.
  • But then Shay and Tally have to walk a bunch because there's no metal for their hoverboards to hover over. (Do not say that five times fast.) And then they reach… the next chapter.