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John Wyse Nolan in Ulysses

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John Wyse Nolan

Nolan is a minor character that appears in "Cyclops." He agrees with many of the citizen's views, such as that the deforestation of Ireland is England's fault and that the British Royal Navy practices are brutal. It is clear, however, that Nolan is not nearly as extreme as the citizen is. Nolan's big moment in the novel comes when he asks Bloom why he doesn't stand up with force if he is so concerned about the persecution of the Jews. After Bloom explains himself and leaves, Wyse, along with the rest of the men, begins spreading gossip about Bloom, claiming that Bloom was the one who clued the author Griffith into Sinn Fein. Nolan appears briefly in Bloom's dream sequence in 'Circe,' praising the trees of Ireland.

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