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Mina Purefoy in Ulysses

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Mina Purefoy

According to Gilbert's annotations, in real life Mina Purefoy was married to a Dublin obstetrician who in 1904 was former master of Rotunda Lying-in Hospital on Rutland Square. In the book, she is married to the Methodist Theodore Purefoy, who is an accountant.

Throughout the day, Bloom thinks of Mina Purefoy, who is laid up in the National Maternity Hospital, expecting her baby. In "Lestrygonians," he discusses her briefly with Josie Breen. Then, in "Oxen of the Sun," a group of men have come to the Hospital to drink and make merry. Bloom has come to check on Mrs. Purefoy. He learns from Nurse Callan that she is having an extremely hard pregnancy, and has been in throes for three days. After some time, it is announced that she has given birth to a son, Mortimer Edward. Bloom asks the Nurse to pass on his well wishes.

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