Study Guide

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 2, Chapter 14

By Milan Kundera

Part 2, Chapter 14

  • As a young woman, because she was running her household and waitressing, Tereza "stored up great reserves of vitality" (2.14.1). She learned a lot about life though she was not a formal student.
  • As a result, she threw herself into life in Prague with great energy, though she worried someone would know she didn't belong there.
  • Tereza quickly got a job developing photographs, though she really wanted to take photographs. Sabina helped her develop an artistic sense, and she started taking photos on her own.
  • One night, Tomas admitted to being jealous watching Tereza dance with his friend. Tereza was pleased with his jealousy. But later, when Tereza became jealous herself, Tomas saw it as a burden.