Study Guide

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 4, Chapter 17

By Milan Kundera

Part 4, Chapter 17

  • The engineer starts unbuttoning her blouse.
  • He wants her to take part in the foreplay, but she remains passive; she doesn't want to take any responsibility for what happens.
  • Her soul remains neutral with regards to what happens to her body.
  • And yet she becomes incredibly aroused, all the more because she is becoming aroused against her will.
  • By the time she is naked in his arms, Tereza's soul sees her body, for the first time, not as something banal but as something fascinating.
  • As they begin to have sex, Tereza is filled with hatred.
  • She doesn't want to let her body take pleasure in a stranger's embrace, and yet her body is taking pleasure in it.
  • At the moment when she has an orgasm, she spits in his face.