Study Guide

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 4, Chapter 28

By Milan Kundera

Part 4, Chapter 28

  • On the way home, Tereza can only think about the photograph that might exist of her and the engineer.
  • She's mostly concerned with whether Tomas will ever see it or not.
  • Tereza knows that their love rests on her fidelity, and that it would come tumbling down if he knew she was unfaithful.
  • She wants she and Tomas to move to the country, away from Prague. She feels that this would be their only path to salvation.
  • But she doesn't have the courage to say this to Tomas.
  • She is afraid of him, because he is strong and she is weak. She wants to go back to Petrin Hill (the place from her dream) and die.