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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 4, Chapter 7

By Milan Kundera

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Part 4, Chapter 7

  • Tereza goes home. We learn that, after she came back from Zurich, she ended up working at a bar at a hotel with other professionals who had been fired from their jobs on account of politics.
  • At the end of her shift Tereza says good-bye to the ambassador, who works the night shift. He is speaking with a man whose son got five years in prison earlier that day. He was initially arrested for trailing and publicly announcing the identities of the men who worked for the Russian army special staff.
  • The son was able to deny it until the Russians dug up a newspaper photo of him. Tereza is relieved to see that the photo is not one of hers.
  • On the way home, she thinks about how na├»ve she was taking pictures during the Russian invasion.
  • She thought she was helping her country, and in fact she was just helping the Russians.
  • She gets home, and Tomas is asleep. Again she finds that he smells of another woman on his hair.

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