Study Guide

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 5, Chapter 6

By Milan Kundera

Part 5, Chapter 6

  • Tomas is angry with himself for not realizing sooner who the man represented.
  • Two weeks later, the Ministry pays him another visit. This time, Tomas is on his guard.
  • They meet in Tomas's office. The man has a "sample statement" for Tomas to sign.
  • Tomas reads the statement. It is not only a retraction of his article, but full-on praise for the Communist Party.
  • Tomas gives it back and shakes his head.
  • Fine, says the man – write your own statement instead.
  • Tomas worries that if he gives a flat "no," then they might publish it anyway with a fake signature from him. So he agrees to write his own to buy some time. Then he resigns from the clinic and becomes a window washer, because he knows they will have no more interest in his opinion when he is no longer a doctor.