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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 6, Chapter 12

By Milan Kundera

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Part 6, Chapter 12

  • Sabina now lives in New York with an old man and his wife.
  • The old man sometimes comes with her to her studio, an old stable on his property, to watch her paint.
  • The narrator again reflects on kitsch.
  • It is Sabina's enemy, but hasn't she also been carrying kitsch with her for her whole life, in the form of her ideal of a quiet, peaceful home?
  • In some ways, Sabina functions as the parent of these two old people. In some way, she's trying to fulfill the image she has of the perfect home.
  • But she knows this happy home is just an illusion. Soon enough, her path of betrayals will continue, and she will leave the old couple.
  • But as soon as she recognizes that the happy home is an illusion, it loses its power and is no longer kitsch.
  • The narrator makes the point that no one – not even Sabina – can escape kitsch completely.

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