Study Guide

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 6, Chapter 14

By Milan Kundera

Part 6, Chapter 14

  • But Franz was not in actuality a devotee of kitsch. He didn't even vote. He just liked the dream of the Grand March.
  • One day, some friends call Franz from Paris.
  • They want him to join them on a march to Cambodia.
  • Cambodia is in a political and military mess, and the idea is for a group of intellectuals to march and petition to open the borders and let doctors into the country.
  • Franz is excited by the thought, but then he sees his young student-mistress across the room. He feels as though she is silently begging him not to do it, so he declines.
  • Except he feels guilty after he hangs up the phone. He feel as though the phone call was a secret message from Sabina.
  • So he decides to go after all.