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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 6, Chapter 24

By Milan Kundera

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Part 6, Chapter 24

  • Franz and Simon are the dreamers of this novel, explains the narrator.
  • Simon never got along with his mother, and so he never blamed his father for leaving them. His whole life, he dreamed of finding his father.
  • Simon lived with his mother until he was eighteen.
  • Then he went to Prague, where Tomas was washing windows. He kept trying to accidentally run into him.
  • Then he became involved with the editor with the big chin, because the man's fate reminded him of the fate of his father (namely, a victim of political persecution).
  • The editor didn't even remember the Oedipus article, but Simon persuaded him to talk to Tomas about signing the petition.
  • Simon, a Christian, liked his father even though he refused to sign the petition.
  • He likens Tomas's words "punishing people who don't know what they've done is barbaric" to the words of Jesus in the Bible.
  • Three years after his move to the country, Simon receives a letter from his father asking him to visit.
  • They did and had a friendly visit.
  • Four months later, Simon receives a telegram informing him that both Tomas and Tereza have been crushed to death under a truck.
  • He starts writing to one of his father's former mistresses in France, because he needs to have imaginary eyes on his life.

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