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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 6, Chapter 26

By Milan Kundera

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Part 6, Chapter 26

  • Franz's bus returns to the hotel in Bangkok.
  • Walking along the streets, Franz wonders what Sabina's imaginary eyes are thinking about him right now.
  • Then he thinks about his student-mistress, and realizes how important she is to him. It was so silly for him to have come to Cambodia. She is what matters; not Sabina. His reality with her is more important than his dream with Sabina.
  • At that moment, Franz is robbed on the streets of Bangkok. He is about to hand over his money when the image of Sabina returns to him. She would mock him for his weakness because she had always admired his strength. So he fights back against the muggers.
  • Franz is cracked on the head and wakes up in a hospital in Geneva with Marie-Claude leaning over his bed.
  • He wants to tell her to go away, and wants the doctors to send for his student-mistress whom he loves. He hates Marie-Claude and is ready to tell her so.
  • But he can't.
  • Franz is completely paralyzed and cannot speak.

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