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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 7, Chapter 3

By Milan Kundera

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Part 7, Chapter 3

  • Tereza dreams that Karenin gives birth to two rolls and a bee. She tells Tomas about it, and they take comfort in the fact that her dream turns Karenin's illness into a pregnancy, and something comical at that.
  • That morning, Karenin can't get out of bed. Tereza goes to the bakery without him, and brings him back his roll. He won't even get up to come get it.
  • Tomas puts the roll in his own mouth and gets on all fours to play with the dog. They are both happy when Karenin finally yelps – they see this as his will to live.
  • The next day they all go on a walk together. Tomas asks Tereza to bring her camera and take pictures
  • The next day Tereza sees Tomas reading and then trying to quickly hide a letter.
  • When he is gone, she finds the envelope it came in.
  • The handwriting looks unfamiliar, but appears to be that of a woman. She is certain he does not have a mistress in the country, but is greatly depressed at the thought that he has kept up with a mistress in Prague, even through letters.
  • Tereza starts thinking of what the future will be like without Karenin. She goes out into the garden and marks a spot for his grave.
  • Tomas gets angry at her for this, and she responds by making him feel guilty about waking Karenin with his shouting.
  • They both go inside and wait with Karenin while he dies. They do not reconcile form their squabble, so each is alone as they watch Karenin die.

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