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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Part 7, Chapter 6

By Milan Kundera

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Part 7, Chapter 6

  • Although we aren't told explicitly, we quickly figure out that the following is a dream sequence.
  • In Tereza's dream, Tomas gets a letter saying that he has to report to the local airfield.
  • Tereza insists on going with him, and they take his pickup truck to drive out there. They get in a small plane that is completely empty, and sit together.
  • The airplane takes off and lands again. Tereza's reaction to the situation turns from horror to sadness, a sadness in which she is completely aware of her limitless love for Tomas.
  • When they got off the plane, they see three men holding rifles.
  • One of them shoots Tomas. Tereza watches his body shrink until he turns into a rabbit.
  • The man with the rifle chases and catches the hare, then hands it, shaking with fear, to Tereza.
  • Tereza cries tears of joy. She feels she is nearly at her goal.
  • She takes the rabbit back to Prague and finds the house she grew up in.
  • Her parents are not there. Instead, she is greeted by her great-grandfather and great-grandmother.
  • Tereza takes the rabbit to her old room and lies down on the bed with it.

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