Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 10

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 10

The Stinking Six

  • Even though Phil managed to land it safely, Super Man will never fly again.
  • To make matters worse, while Louie and the crew of Super Man are recovering from their injuries, bombs fall on Funafuti.
  • Poor Stanley Pillsbury is forgotten in the infirmary and is too weak to stand on his own.
  • Phil and Louie hide under a hut that is up on flood stilts.
  • Two bombs strike the B-24s, which causes a chain reaction of machine gun fire and bomb explosions.
  • Someone managed to drag Pillsbury to safety, but his injured foot isn't healing, and he needs a rudimentary skin graft.
  • Somehow the Super Man also escaped unscathed (not a single bullet hole added to its 594) and Phil is hailed "as a miracle worker" (2.10.25) just like Anne Bancroft.
  • Pillsbury and Lambert are retired from war, and Louie, Phil, Mitchell, and Cuppernell are sent back to Hawaii.
  • At the base, Louie watches They Died with Their Boots On, the movie he was an extra in, and he holes up in his room listening to music. How emo. He must be listening to whatever the 1940s version of Bright Eyes is.
  • Louie takes a short ride on the Green Hornet, a plane which he dubs "the craziest plane" and "hope[s] he'd never have to fly in it again" (2.10.32)… Which is pretty much a guarantee that he will.

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