Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 13

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 13

Missing at Sea

  • When Phil Deasy, pilot of the Daisy Mae, returns to Palmyra and discovers that the Green Hornet never came back, he says "Holy smoke!" (3.13.1) That's a direct quote, which means people outside of comic strips actually said that once upon a time.
  • A search party is sent out to find them.
  • The next day, Louie wakes up and discovers that Mac has eaten all the survival chocolate.
  • Louie is disappointed, but understands that Mac acted in panic.
  • A B-25 passes overhead. Louie shoots up a flare, but the bomber doesn't stop for them.
  • Later, the Daisy Mae also flies overhead, but does not see them; everyone starts to lose hope.
  • Meanwhile, the last letters of all the men are reaching their families and friends, who do not yet realize the men are missing.
  • After a week, the search is abandoned, and the men's things in the barracks are catalogued. Louie's liquor is gone, of course.
  • Louie is officially reported missing on May 27, 1943, but his family is "absolutely certain that [he is] still alive" (3.13.49).
  • Over on Samoa, Pillsbury and Douglas are still in the hospital—Douglas with a wounded shoulder and Pillsbury with his bleeding leg (and sore stomach from being poked over and over again)
  • When they find out that the crew of the Green Hornet is missing, they hang a flag in their memory.

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