Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 15

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 15

Sharks and Bullets

  • On the 27th day, Louie fires a flare at a plane overhead.
  • Big mistake. It's a Japanese bomber, and it swoops down and opens fire.
  • They're safer with the sharks, so the men hide under the raft.
  • Louie punches a shark in the face to keep it away from him.
  • Really.
  • The men survive, unshot and unsharked, but unfortunately the rafts are in bad shape. One of the two rafts is slashed in two, and the other is rapidly deflating.
  • Louie, Phil, and Mac work together to reinflate the raft—there's no way it could have been done with only one or two men.
  • They also end up using the shredded raft as a canopy to shield them from the sun.

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