Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 21

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 21


  • Back in Torrance, California, Louie's sister Sylvia slips into depression.
  • The family receives a telegram announcing Louie's disappearance, which makes matters worse.
  • Phil even has a letter to Louie returned to him marked "Missing at Sea"and "CASUALTY STATUS VERIFIED" (4.21.8). Ugh.
  • Louise, Louie's mom, develops a weird rash that won't go away.
  • On October 6, Louie's army trunk arrives, but the family never opens it.
  • In early 1944, America seizes Kwajalein, and someone finds the splinter of wood with Louie's name on it.
  • Joe Deasy, the pilot of the Daisy Mae, realizes that Louie and Phil are still alive, although he has no clue where they might be.
  • Cecy, Phil's fiancĂ©e, also holds onto hope that Phil is alive. Why? Because a fortune teller tells her so, and also says that Phil will be found by Christmas.
  • The mothers of the men of the Green Hornet build a support group and start talking to each other.
  • Louie is officially declared dead on May 28, 1944, but no one believes it.

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