Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 22

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 22

Plots Afoot

  • In the summer of 1944, Louie, Tinker, and Harris decide they should try to escape.
  • There are a few problems, though: Harris has beriberi and Louie is doing odd jobs around the camp (like starching shirts and shaving guards) to earn food.
  • The men are being starved and beaten severely, and the guard they call S***head "open[s] his pants and violate[s]" (4.22.23) Gaga the duck, then kills him.
  • Louie and his bros decide they can get over the barbed wire fence, commandeer a plane, and get out of Japan.
  • However, they can't disguise themselves as Japanese guards because they're much taller than all the guards.
  • The day before they plan to try it anyway, they're told that if anyone escapes, the Japanese will kill people in the camp. So they suspend the plan.
  • Instead, the sneak into the Quack's office to find information about how the war is going.
  • They recover a map from his office, which Harris copies onto a strip of toilet paper.
  • His work is discovered, and Harris is severely beat in front of everyone; when he recovers consciousness, he doesn't know who any of his friends are.
  • In September, Louie is transferred to a different camp called Omori.

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