Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 26

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 26


  • Radio Tokyo propositions Louie again, but this time to read a message they wrote.
  • Louie doesn't want to be made into a propaganda tool, so he refuses—then they threaten to send him to a punishment camp, as though Omori wasn't punishment enough.
  • Back at camp, the Bird is going crazier and crazier (like a loon…) as B-29s cross overhead every day.
  • Meanwhile, Phil and one-legged Fred Garrett have been transferred to Zentsuji, which is every bit as posh as Omori (all the amenities you've come to expect: contaminated rice, dysentery, abuse) but Phil is allowed to send letters home and tell his family that he's still alive.
  • Back at Omori, the men discover a theatre trunk and put on a production of Cinderella. (What is this, Slaughterhouse-Five?)
  • After Christmas, a dignitary arrives and is told about the Bird's abusive behavior. The Bird is ordered to leave Omori, and Louie is ecstatic to watch him leave the nest.