Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 27

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 27

Falling Down

  • Life is good with the Bird gone. Well, as good as life in a POW camp can get.
  • Bill Harris is transferred to Omori, but he still has trouble with his memory after repeated beatings at the hands of the Quack.
  • In February, an air battle breaks out over Omori, and the Japanese planes are decimated. The Americans bomb Tokyo, and Louie is to be transferred to another POW camp.
  • Louie says goodbye to Bill Harris, and will never see him again.
  • The transfers are put on a train and taken through the snow-covered Japanese countryside.
  • Instead of arriving at Hogwarts though, they arrive at Naoetsu—and instead of being greeted by Dumbledore, it's much, much worse.
  • "Keirei!" (4.27.27) It's the Bird.

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