Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 3

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 3

The Torrance Tornado

  • Charlie Sheen best sums up Louie's track career: winning.
  • He runs a mile in 4:21.3, which breaks high school records, and starts training for the Olympics.
  • Unfortunately, even with his obsessive training, Louie worries that he won't make it: "He was heartbroken" (1.3.7).
  • However, after running in the Compton open—and almost winning—he gets invited to the Olympic trials.
  • With a suitcase labeled "TORRANCE TORNADO" (1.3.12), Louie sets off to New York with fellow runner Norman Bright.
  • They have to train despite the record-breaking heat in the Big Apple.
  • In order to stay cool, Louie buys tickets to movies and sleeps through the shows. ("What I'd give for a twelve-hour Twilight marathon.")
  • Louie manages a photo finish at the trial, and although the radio announces that Louie wins, they're mistaken.
  • Still, he made the team. Hooray! He's "The youngest distance runner" (1.3.33) to ever do so.