Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 37

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 37

Twisted Ropes

  • Here's what Louie's life looks like: drinking, falling prey to scams, losing all his money, drinking some more, plotting to find and kill a man in Japan.
  • One night he even gets so disoriented that he can't find his way home.
  • His relationship with Cynthia turns abusive—she throws dishes at him, and he chases after her and grabs her by the neck.
  • When Louie can't pay for his car, he thinks that God is toying with him, and he forbids Cynthia from going to church.
  • Cynthia ends up pregnant, and Louie realizes that he has to take responsibility.
  • However, one night he wakes up from a dream in which he's strangling the Bird, and he's actually strangling Cynthia. Yikes.
  • Baby Cynthia, nicknamed Cissy, is born at the end of December.
  • Louie's a great dad… except for that time Cynthia walks in and finds him shaking the baby. Cynthia files for divorce.
  • Meanwhile in Japan, Shizuka Watanabe opens the door to find her supposedly dead son, the Bird, standing on her doorstep.

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