Study Guide

Unbroken Chapter 4

By Laura Hillenbrand

Chapter 4

Plundering Germany

  • Louie boards the luxury steamer Manhattan to Germany, which is the closest thing you could get to a Disney cruise in 1936.
  • On the ship, Louie eats so much that he gains twelve pounds.
  • At the Olympic Village, Louie rooms with famous athlete Jesse Owens and gets to mingle with other athletes and Hitler Youth.
  • Yes, we said Hitler Youth.
  • Hitler is really excited about Germans rocking the Olympics, and German nationalism is at all-time high.
  • They're not the only competitive ones though, and Louie has to deal with people dashing in front of him and throwing elbows during his runs.
  • Despite the fisticuffs (which cause him to come in seventh place), he breaks a final-lap record in the Olympic 5,000, running his last lap in 56 seconds, a feat which entitles Louie to a brief visit with Der Fuhrer.
  • After the Olympics are over, the Olympic Village is transformed into military barracks (and its designer, Wolfgang F├╝rstner, hangs himself).
  • Back home, Louie sets his sights on the 1940 Games in Tokyo.