Study Guide

Unbroken Admiration

By Laura Hillenbrand


Even if it isn't Memorial Day (remembering men and women who died while serving) or Veterans Day (remembering all veterans), people almost always admire and respect war heroes. It's the least we can do for people who sacrifice so much for their country, and for causes they may or may not believe in.

In Unbroken, Louie spends a lot of his life searching for admiration, so all the accolades he receives after his miraculous survival must be rewarding indeed. 

Questions About Admiration

  1. What are Louie's most admirable qualities?
  2. Is there anything Louie does that lessens your admiration of him?
  3. Who looks up to Louie? Who does Louie admire?
  4. How does the men's admiration of each other help them stay strong and survive during the war?

Chew on This

The accolades and awards Louie receives after the war help him recover the dignity he loses in the POW camps.

Even though Pete is relegated to BFF status, he deserves just as many awards and recognitions that Louie does, since he suffers through everything right alongside him. 

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