Study Guide

Unbroken Competition

By Laura Hillenbrand


War is kind of a competition. Different teams fight each other for a variety of reasons, whether it's to claim resources, earn new territories, or resolve political differences. Louie is well equipped for war because of his innate competitive spirit (that's part of why the book is called Unbroken...a less equipped person's story would've required a different title). The same drive that pushes him across the finish line in his track days helps him stay in the race, so to speak, during the war. Like Buzz Lightyear, real competitors never give up, never surrender

Questions About Competition

  1. When Louie is a runner—before the war—what motivates him to compete so hard?
  2. How is Louie able to utilize his running skills and competitive nature during the war?
  3. Is Louie still competitive after the war, and after the end of his running career?

Chew on This

Louie's competitive drive goes hand-in-hand with his perseverance. It helps that he mainly competes with <em>himself, </em>to be the best he can be, rather than trying to be better than others.

To boost morale, the POWs subtly compete with each other to find out the craziest ways to rebel against their captors. Their competitive nature keeps them alive. 

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