Study Guide

Unbroken Family

By Laura Hillenbrand


On television, from The Brady Bunch to Modern Family we often see families that all live together (and don't even have a toilet) or live in the same town. But the powerful thing about families is how they stay strong even when separated—and in Unbroken, the Zamperinis show incredible strength. They're able to survive a couple of troublemaking teenage boys, distance, death, and even war. Just like Louie, his family remains unbroken.

Questions About Family

  1. How does Louie's family come together to support each other when Louie disappears?
  2. Would Louie have been as determined to survive at war if he didn't have such strong family bonds?
  3. Why does Louie's family, especially Pete, have a harder time coping with what Louie suffers during the war than Louie does?

Chew on This

Louie's brother, Pete, is his biggest champion, and without Pete, Louie would never have grown into the man he becomes.

Louie creates his own family after returning from the war, which ends up being another wonderful support system for him as he recovers from his PTSD. 

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