Study Guide

Unbroken Friendship

By Laura Hillenbrand


One of the most misguided ad campaigns in recent history is the U.S. Army's creation of the slogan "Army of One." Because do you know what happens to an army of one? He dies.

The people who survive at war are the ones who work together, the teams that manage to communicate with each other almost telepathically and who are teammates on the battlefield and friends in the barracks. In Unbroken, Louie's friendships aren't just fun—they keep him alive. 

Questions About Friendship

  1. Who are Louie's closest friends?
  2. How does Louie's friendship with his crewmates grow during the war? How does it change after the war?
  3. Could the crew of the Super Man be as effective if they weren't friends? Is it possible to have a strong team without friendship?
  4. Would Louie have been able to survive if he hadn't made friends along the way?

Chew on This

Although it may have been easier to deal with loss if Louie <em>didn't </em>form friendships with his crewmates, they likely wouldn't have survived without their close bonds.

Having friends enables Louie to keep his memories alive, both good and bad. They share common good memories, and are able to cope with the bad ones together. 

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