Study Guide

Unbroken Suffering

By Laura Hillenbrand


You probably don't need Unbroken to tell you this, but crash landing in the Pacific is not fun. Fending off shark attacks? Nope, not fun either. And neither is being forced to clean up a pig sty with your bare hands in a Japanese POW camp, or chronic alcoholism. Louie Zamperini's life sees a whole lot of suffering over the course of a few very long years. However, the book is called Unbroken, not Brokenso though Louie suffers, he doesn't let it keep him down. 

Questions About Suffering

  1. How does the pain Louie suffers through during his running career help prepare him for the pain experiences during war?
  2. How does Louie's family suffer while Louie is away? How do they cope with it?
  3. What do you think is the worst event Louie has to suffer through? Would you be able to deal with it?
  4. Why does the Bird get pleasure from inflicting suffering on others?

Chew on This

The things Louie suffers through would be enough to break most people, but you read the title: Louie remains <em>Unbroken. </em>

The physical pain is terrible, but the emotional pain inflicts the most long-lasting damage on Louie. Telling his story is a way to alleviate that pain, and help others who are suffering through emotional strife of their own. 

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