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Unwind Chapter 19

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 19


  • Connor and Risa meet Sonia at the antique shop.
  • Sonia sends the kids to the back room to feed the baby while she helps a guy who's either a customer or a scouting agent for Antiques Roadshow.
  • When she returns, she takes them into the basement to hide with three other kids—Hayden, who has a permanent smirk; Roland, who has a tiger shark tattoo and is dripping with testosterone; and Mai, who is Chinese.
  • That night, none of the kids can sleep, so they share the horror story of Humphrey Dunfee, an urban legend about a kid who was unwound.
  • After he was unwound, his parents went crazy, and they hunt down people who received parts of their son so that they can rebuild him.
  • The next day, Sonia, whom the ungrateful kids call Dragon Lady, calls them one by one to her office.
  • When each kid returns, no one will say what happens there.
  • Connor doesn't know what's up until he gets there: Sonia wants him to write a letter saying everything he wants to say to one person.
  • He writes a long letter to his parents, then Sonia has him seal it.
  • She says that he should come back to collect it when he turns eighteen, and is no longer eligible to be unwound.
  • If he doesn't return that year, she'll mail it, assuming he was unwound or died otherwise.
  • Connor returns to the basement to send Risa to Sonia. She gives him the baby, and he's thankful he saved it…at least until it poops or starts crying.

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