Study Guide

Unwind Chapter 3

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 3


  • Lev Calder is a tithe, and it's his last birthday. The youngest of 10 children, he'll be tithed by being unwound.
  • This isn't a surprise to him. His parents have always "given 10 percent of everything to [their] church" (1.3.28). Even their children.
  • With their Pastor Dan, the Calder family drives Lev to the harvest center.
  • But there's a commotion on the highway—a kid has escaped from a police car.
  • He runs straight for the Calder family vehicle and drags Lev out the door; as they're fighting in the street, a bus swerves to avoid them and crashes.
  • Lev bites the crazy kid in the arm and runs back to the car, but Pastor Dan tells him not to get back in the car. "Run as fast and as far you can" (1.3.95), he says. Mixed messages, dude.
  • Before Lev can decide what to do, he's hit in the shoulder by a tranquilizer dart and passes out. Nap time.

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