Study Guide

Unwind Chapter 30

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 30


  • In this chapter, we get a glimpse into CyFi's head, and it's like Stephenie Meyer's The Host up in there.
  • There's another boy in the corner of his head who sometimes takes over.
  • This time, the boy knows he needs to head home for dinner.
  • When he arrives at his—the boy's—parents' house, everyone is waiting. We're talking the cops, Cyrus' parents, and the boy's parents.
  • The boy is named Tyler, and Tyler takes over to dig up a small mound in the backyard.
  • Inside is a suitcase and when he opens it, it glows; it's filled with jewelry shoplifted by Tyler.
  • Tyler begs everyone not to unwind him, and Cyrus can't stop him: "Tyler can't understand that he's already gone. […] So he goes on wailing." (4.30.56)

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