Study Guide

Unwind Chapter 32

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 32

Part 5: Graveyard

The Admiral

  • The Admiral lists his rules, which he calls the "Ten Demandments" (5.32.19). They are:
    • You arrived here by necessity. You stay here by choice.
    • Surviving has earned you the right to be respected.
    • My way is the only way.
    • Your life is my gift to you. Treat it like one.
    • You are better than those who would unwind you. Rise to the occasion.
    • Everyone in the Graveyard contributes. No exceptions.
    • Teenage rebellion is for suburban schoolchildren. Get over it.
    • Hormones will not rule my desert.
    • At 18 you cease to be my concern.
    • Make something of yourself. This is an order.
  • But the Admiral won't tell anyone why he's doing all this for them. What a mystery.

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