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Unwind Chapter 34

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 34


  • Connor is assigned to fix things, while Roland is the pilot's assistant, learning to fly.
  • About once a week, there's a "work call" (5.34.17) in which jobs are offered and some kids take them in exchange for new identities. It's witness protection meets indentured servitude.
  • It's one of the only times all the kids are together, too, so naturally, they gossip.
  • There's a rumor that the kids aren't actually going to work…they're being unwound for the Admiral's benefit. Notice his teeth, the kids say; they're too perfect.
  • Connor takes the rumor as truth and starts plotting against the Admiral.
  • While he's plotting, he sees someone he never expected to—Lev.
  • So Connor punches him.
  • Then the two hug it out, and Connor takes him to Risa to check out the shiner.
  • Lev lets Connor know that he deserved that first punch, but "don't you ever hit me again, or you'll regret it" (5.34.75).
  • Two days later, the Admiral calls for Connor. He reveals that his perfect teeth are dentures, so he's not the monster everyone thinks he is.
  • Then he leads Connor to a jet and has him open a crate.
  • Inside are the five Goldens, all dead. The Admiral wants Connor's help finding out who did it.
  • Of course Connor thinks Roland did it, now he just needs proof.
  • Connor helps the Admiral bury them in the desert; then he starts spying on Roland as much as he can.
  • He and the Admiral have secret meetings to discuss anything Connor overhears, and the Admiral reveals another secret: He had his own son, Harlan, unwound, and has always regretted it.

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