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Unwind Chapter 65

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 65


  • Neither Blaine nor Mai wants to be the first one to explode, so they're waiting for someone else to do it.
  • Lev sees Connor approach the Chop Shop, and Risa on top of it. Suddenly this whole blow-up-the-Chop-Shop plan isn't looking so good now.
  • He tries to stop Connor, but he can't; all the other kids have surrounded him, and of course they're applauding.
  • Inside the Chop Shop, a guard catches Blaine.
  • Blaine tries to run, but the guard shoots him with a tranquilizer dart.
  • Big mistake—the impact makes Blaine go boom.
  • When Mai hears the explosion, she starts clapping, and she explodes, too.
  • The roof collapses, taking Risa down with it.
  • Lev can't bring himself to explode, so he decides to rescue people.
  • Connor stumbles from the explosion, missing an eye, his arm crushed. Unwinding almost looks good right about now.
  • The kids start a riot; they think Connor blew up the Chop Shop and they go wild.
  • In the commotion, Lev grabs Connor and binds his wounds…then Connor passes out.

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