Study Guide

Unwind Chapter 69

By Neal Schusterman

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Chapter 69


  • In west Texas (not West, Texas), it's time for Harlan "Humphrey" Dunfee's reunion.
  • The Admiral isn't chopping up people who got parts of his son, but he is giving them a home at his house.
  • They all have little memories of Harlan, and together it's like a big family reunion.
  • Meanwhile at the Graveyard, the Admiral hasn't returned, but Connor has.
  • He's organizing all the remaining Unwinds: "We will make ourselves heard" (7.69.30), they say.
  • Risa's along, too—she's in a wheelchair now—and together, they have "the wonderful luxury of hope" (7.69.59).
  • Well, at least until the next book in the series begins.

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