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Unwind Betrayal

By Neal Schusterman

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Elvis Presley sang, "Don't be cruel, to a heart that's true." But what if that true, healthy heart could be donated to someone else? In the world of Unwind, society doesn't seem to have a problem having its teenagers unwound has long as their organs get donated to someone else. But this doesn't change the fact that families are betraying their children almost from the moment they're born, either passing them to another family's doorstep or intending to have them unwound as soon as possible. It's a cruel, cruel world.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. How does Connor bring himself to forgive his parents for betraying him by wanting him unwound? Be specific, yo.
  2. Is Risa right to feel betrayed when Connor doesn't defend her from Roland in the Graveyard bathroom? Why or why not?
  3. Does Roland feel any remorse for revealing the existence of the Graveyard in an attempt to save himself? How can you tell?

Chew on This

The Bill of Life encourages betrayal because no parent (the tithing families excepted) wants to tell their child that they're being unwound.

The Storking initiative encourages betrayal, both from mothers abandoning their babies and those who have been "storked" trying to pass off the child to another family.

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