Study Guide

Utopia Allusions

By Thomas More


Literary and Philosophical References

Virgil, Aeneid (1.10; 1.12)
Homer, Odyssey (1.10; 1.12)
Plato (1.10)
Seneca (1.10)
Cicero (1.10)
Sallust (1.18)
Plato, Republic (1.28, 36, 38)
Gospel of Luke, New Testament (1.27)
Many Old Testament References (1.27)

Historical References

King Henry VIII of England (1.8)
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor from 1519 and King of Spain from 1516 (1.8)
Amerigo Vespucci (1.10)
Dionysus of Syracuse (an ancient tyrannical king of Syracuse (1.29)
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (1.29)
Ferdinand the Catholic, or II King of Aragon (and a bunch of other places) (1.29)
Crassus, the third (and least famous) member of the First Triumvirate: Pompey and Julius Caesar (1.33)